MRCE Vectron 875 wrapped in 'Connecting Europe' theme

At the Innotrans 2014 in Berlin, we proudly presented our Siemens Vectron 875 in the ‘Connecting Europe’ theme.


Connecting Europe theme


Connecting Europe theme


Connecting Europe theme

MRCE orders 20 additional Vectron locomotives 

Amsterdam, June 17th, 2014 – Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) announced that after the delivery of the initial order of 15 Vectron locomotives, the company placed orders for in total 20 more locomotives of this locomotive type. In March this year, MRCE ordered ten new Vectrons and ten additional were ordered in May. With this order, MRCE will increase the number of Vectrons in its fleet to a total of 35. MRCE has received the first one from the new order this month and expects to receive the second locomotive by the end of July. The majority of the order is expected to be available in Munich at the Siemens production facility from April 2015 onwards.


Besides freight transport, the newly ordered locomotives will also be equipped for passenger transport. MRCE’s AC Vectrons are capable of running 200 km/h, with a maximum power of 6.400 kW. The ordered Vectrons are intended for operations in Germany, Austria and partly Hungary. The Vectron fleet of MRCE is equipped with the national safety systems PZB/LZB and ETCS.


 We are happy to conclude another agreement with Siemens for Vectron locomotives. As the locomotives delivered up to now fulfill our expectations, we decided to purchase additional Vectrons. The fleet of quality Vectron locomotives combines our strength in full service leasing” says Masayoshi Hosoya, CEO of MRCE.

Bavaria's minister of transport Joachim Herrmann visits MRCE Vectron - April 2014

The black MRCE Vectrons are ready for use - February 2014




Vectron locomotives soon in operation at MRCE - June 2013

During the “transport logistic” exhibition in Munich at the beginning of June, Tetsu Ikeda (Managing Director MRCE) and Karl-Hermann Klausecker (CEO Locomotives and Components Siemens Rail Systems) confirmed the order of 15 Vectron AC locomotives in the Siemens locomotive factory in München-Allach. Several of the high performance locomotives from the newly developed Vectron generation will be handed over to MRCE already this year.



With a maximum power of 6,400 KW and 160 km/hr maximum speed, the Vectron locomotives will be used for cross-border transport between Germany, Austria and Hungary. Besides the national train control systems, all vehicles will also be fitted with the European train control system ETCS. In addition, some locomotives will also be fitted with a MS pre-equipping package which enables the simple future conversion into a multi-system locomotive.

With the purchase of the 15 Vectron AC locomotives, MRCE is optimising its European leasing fleet of currently more than 300 locomotives.


MRCE orders 15 Vectron locomotives - June 2013

At the beginning of June the locomotive leasing company Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) placed an order with Siemens for the delivery of 15 Vectron AC locomotives. The first locomotives from the Siemens locomotive plant in Munich-Allach, Germany, will be handed over to the customer before the end of the year. This order makes MRCE the second leasing company to choose the new Vectron generation.



Summarizing the reasons for his firm's decision, Tetsu Ikeda, CEO of Mitsui Rail Capital Europe, said, “We are happy to have concluded a new agreement with Siemens for the Vectron locomotives after our thorough evaluation on quality, reliability, price and service record . The flexibility of the Vectron will provide us with a solid basis for a secure future. Although precise forecast throughout the whole of the locomotive life is very difficult to prepare, flexible vehicle concept with AC and MS locomotives is very effective. At this moment, the Vectron is the best solution to the company for this purpose.”


“We are delighted with this shown confidence, and are certain that with the Vectron we will be able to satisfy all the high expectations for a sustainable solution for the future,” said Klaus-Herrmann Klausecker, CEO Locomotives and Components of Siemens Rail Systems.


The vehicles ordered are intended for cross-border operation between Germany and Austria or between Germany, Austria and Hungary. In addition to the national train protection systems, all locomotives will be equipped with the European train control system (ETCS). The vehicles will have maximum power of 6,400 kW and a top speed of 160 km/h.


Some of the locomotives will be equipped with an MS upgrade preparation package that will allow very easy conversion into a multi-system locomotive at a later date. The cabling for additional train protection systems is likewise already on board.


MRCE provides full-service leasing of locomotives in Europe, where it has a fleet of around 300 locomotives. The product offered by MRCE is special as it combines leasing with maintenance management of locomotives. MRCE is a European subsidiary of the Japanese Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and has its offices in Amsterdam and Munich.