Siemens - ES 64 U2

This electric dual-system locomotive from the second generation of the Euro-Sprinter family uses both of the alternating current systems standard in Europe, and is currently one of the most modern and highest performance locomotives for European passenger and freight transportation. The Bosporus-Sprinter® design variation of the ES 64 U2 in particular is a real enhancement to European rail transport and enables non-stop travel from Hamburg to the Turkish border – without changing locomotives.

Homologations are granted for the following countries:  Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria


Wheel arrangement Bo`Bo`
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Length over buffers 19 280 mm
Distance between bogie centers 9 900 mm
Width 3 000 mm
Wheel diameters (new) 1 150 mm
Weight 86 t
Voltage systems 15 kV, 16,7 Hz, 25 kV, 50 Hz
Continuous rating 6 400 kW
Power factor near 1, regulated
Maximum speed 230 km/h
Starting tractive effort 300 kN
Continuous tractive effort 250 kN bei 92,2km/h
Maximum brake power at wheel rim 150 kN
Build ab 2000-2004