Locomotives Sales

We regularly offer a number of locomotives from our comprehensive fleet for purchase. On request, we will gladly inform you about our current offer. Please contact us.

Vossloh G1000

Heavy shunting with hauling capabilities

Diesel hydraulic, 4 axle shunting locomotive equipped with shunting gear. This gives de G1000 high tractive power at low speeds. Ideal for heavy shunting and light, long haul operations

Technical data 
Power1.000 kW
Tractive effort259 kN
Max speed100 km/h
Remote control

Vossloh G1206

For heavy shunting and medium haul

Off-centre cab diesel-hydraulic, 4 axle, heavy shunting and main line cargo locomotive. Ideal for heavy industrial transport or shunting use.

Technical data 
Wheel arrangementBo`Bo`
Track gauge1.435 mm
Length over buffers14.700 mm
Distance between bogie centers2.400 mm
Wheel diameters (new)1.000 mm
Weight87,3 t
Diesel engineCaterpillar 3512 B DI-TA-SC
Rating1.500 kW
Speed range1.800 rpm
Maximum speed100 km/h
Starting tractive effort300 kN
Continuous tractive effort267 kN
Brake-weight F75 t
Brake-weight P88 t
Axle load214 kW
Ambient temperature area-25˚C to +35˚C
Build from2003

Vossloh G2000

Heavy haul with shunting capabilities

Diesel hydraulic, four axle heavy long haul locomotive with shunting capabilities for companies who want to combine end point shunting with long hauling pullung, all in one loco.

Technical data 
Power2.240 kW
Tractive effort283 kN
Max speed120 km/h
Remote control

Bombardier Re 484

Electric long haul locomotive

Electric multi-system unit that can operate under AC and DC. This locomotive is designed for Italian cross border operations.

Technical data 
Power4.200 kW
Tractive effort300 kN
Engine15kV/25kV AC
Max speed140 km/h
Remote control