Vossloh – G1206

The Vossloh G1206 is a mid range, 4-axle, diesel-hydraulic locomotive for freighttransport shunting applications.

The locomotive has a four stroke 1 500 kW / 2 000 HP, Twin Turbo charged 3512 B DI-TA-SC diesel-engine. This hydraulically powered locomotive is controlled by an onboard computer and has various feedback and sensing devices. The locomotive is equipped with:

– automatic safty device (SiFA)
– SIBAS 32
– GTO Power electronics
– Multiple-Unit Capabilities
– radio remote control

These locomotive is homologated for Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Technical data 
Wheel arrangementBo`Bo`
Track gauge1.435 mm
Length over buffers14.700 mm
Distance between bogie centers2.400 mm
Wheel diameters (new)1.000 mm
Weight87,3 t
Diesel engineCaterpillar 3512 B DI-TA-SC
Rating1.500 kW
Speed range1.800 rpm
Maximum speed100 km/h
Starting tractive effort300 kN
Continuous tractive effort267 kN
Brake-weight F75 t
Brake-weight P88 t
Axle load214 kW
Ambient temperature area-25˚C to +35˚C
Build from2003