Ecco Rail is one of the largest rail transport companies in Poland. The CEO of Ecco Rail,  Monika Łupińska told us more details about the success of her company, her perspective on the industry and Ecco Rails’ relationship with MRCE.

Monika Łupińska, CEO of Ecco RailMs. Łupińska ,what do you think is Ecco Rail doing better than other companies in the market?

“There are two such things. First, as a new company on the market, in order to grow, we had to undertake the most difficult transports that large companies did not want. This forced us to be an expert in every detail related to railway traffic and technology. Thanks to this, now with almost a hundred locomotives and two thousand of our own wagons, we still feel that we are the most flexible company on the market. The second thing is that we have always felt good in contact with foreign clients, which allowed us to develop in many directions and get to know many great companies like yours (smile).”

How do you think the demand of your customers will change over the next years?

“We approach it a bit differently than others and try to propose new solutions to create the product that customers want. Whenever we start a new project, we have to think through all the components, which often results in a completely different approach to the subject. For example, we have designed and built special wagons for our partners   twice already.”

What do you think is the greatest opportunity for your industry?

“I think the answer is simple –  accessibility. If the railway is available to more companies, we will reduce our carbon footprint by giving up cars on long trips. We are in the process of creating solutions that increase this accessibility significantly.”

How did leasing from MRCE impact your operations?

“I’d say what MRCE gives. Because it gives us the possibility to quickly scale our business as needed. Nowadays, this is what every company needs, and certainly ours.”

What do you enjoy most about collaborating with MRCE?

“When in 2017, at the opening of the CFL container terminal in Luxembourg, Deputy Sales Director Michel Mink approached us and asked if we were from Ecco Rail from Poland. He remembered us from the Transport Logistics fair in Munich. We felt pleasantly surprised that such a large European company as MRCE became interested in a small rail carrier but we were not ready for cooperation yet. Once we have decided that we are entering German market, all arrangements from first meeting remained valid. This shows what a business partner MRCE is and that you can rely on it.”


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