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We at Mitsui Rail Capital Europe are here to drive your business forward. As one of the leading electric locomotive leasing companies we offer a variety of products to get our partners on track with customised solutions. Safety, sustainability and reliability are our key values. With a fleet of more than 340 state-of-the-art electric locomotives and many years of experience in the railway industry, we are a knowledgeable partner to support your rail business. A variety of professionals located in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy are 24/7 available and highly motivated to serve you!  MRCE was the first leasing company in Europe to provide full-service locomotion availability and together with our strong Japanese parent, we are determined to continually support your business. Are you ready to get things rolling with us? Please contact our team to discuss your options!

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
To contribute to a high quality of life by providing innovative and environmental friendly rail solutions.

Our Vision
To be the most competent and reliable partner in rail business and to continue developing the market for tomorrow.

Our Values
For business partners
To be professional, creative, fair and trustworthy in the way we do business.

For the community
To be socially responsible with the highest regard for safety and the environment.

For our employees and the company
To respect each other with open minds and integrity and provide a working environment which enables and actively supports personal development.

Joint venture

Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam (LWR)

The last few years MRCE and Siemens have collaborated in founding a joint venture, resulting in a project of great impact. Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam (LWR) offers a wide range of services for preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical locomotives. With a ‘first time right’ mentality, LWR was created from scratch giving us the opportunity to truly do things differently and do things better, using both Siemens and MRCE experiences.

For more information, please visit: Locomotive Workshop Rotterdam

Experience and know-how in the international leasing market

Mitsui Group

As one of the largest integrated global traders with around 50,000 employees, the Mitsui & Co. LTD group has been involved for decades in numerous global metro, short and long-distance traffic projects, as well as international railway logistics. The group has many years of experience in the leasing market of the rail companies, and is successfully active in the USA, Russia and Latin America.
The group entered the European leasing and service business in 2004 with the founding of Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.V., as well as with the integration of the former Siemens subsidiary, Dispolok GmbH in 2006. Today, MRCE GmbH is responsible for the operative leasing business, inclusive of all services, in Europe with its comprehensive fleet.

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Morihiro Aoki
Chief Executive Officer

Pieter Vanagt
Chief Financial Officer

Bart Lam
Chief Commercial Officer

Yuichi Nagata
Chief Planning Officer

Rainer Beller
Chief Technical Officer

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