Bombardier – TRAXX F140

The TRAXX F140 (Bombardier) is a 4-axle Electric locomotive for freight and regional passenger services.

The locomotive can operate on two voltages (15 kV, 25 kV), with two different frequencies. The locomotive is homologated in Germany, France (25 kV), Austria and Switzerland.

Technical data 
Wheel arrangementBo`Bo`
Track gauge1.435 mm
Length over buffers18.900 mm
Distance between bogie centers10.400 mm
Width2.978 mm
Wheel diameters (new)1.250 mm
Weight84 t
Voltage systemsAC 15 kV 16.7 Hz
AC 25 kV 50 Hz
Continuous rating5.600 kW
Power factornear 1
Maximum speed140 km/h
Starting tractive effort300 kN at 70km/h
Continuous tractive effort270 kN
Maximum brake power at wheel rim150 kN (Germany)
240 kN (Switzerland)
Build from2005