Europe‘s biggest cross-border fleet

MRCE focuses on multisystem locomotives meeting the requirements of cross border rail transport.

MRCE’s locomotives are configured for cross border freight and passenger transport in Europe. They follow the main rail corridors in Europe and can run for example from Hamburg to Naples, from Rotterdam to Genoa or Warsaw. MRCE has consistently invested in the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and now has over 200 locomotives equipped with the “European Train Control System (ETCS)” – it is the largest multisystem fleet in Europe which covers all main railway corridors.
MRCE leases locomotives to companies operating in both passenger and freight traffic in the industrial and transportation sectors. Each locomotive can be leased for short or longer periods, lasting from one day up to 10 years. All locomotives are fully homologated for the designated countries of use. To ensure that the locomotives meet the defined specifications of the customers, MRCE collaborates with manufacturers and European authorities in the development of the locomotives and make sure that during the life-cycle the equipment is always “up to date”.

The corridors of our locomotives in Europe.