Siemens – ES 64 U2

Electric two-system locomotive for heavy-duty goods transportation and fast passenger transport.

The ES 64 U2 is a respresentative of the second-generation Eurosprinter family. The locomotives are homologated for the following countries:

– V2: Germany and Austria
– V6: Germany, Austria and Switzerland
– V7: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria
– V9: Germany and Austria (with remote radio control)
– Partly equiped with ETCS

With an output of up to 6 400 kW, the ES 64 U2 is currently one of the most modern and most powerful locomotive in Europe for cargo and passenger transport. This is the basis for its optimum time-table design and the guarantee of short travel times.

Technical data 
Wheel arrangementBo`Bo`
Track gauge1.435 mm
Length over buffers19.280 mm
Distance between bogie centers9.900 mm
Width3.000 mm
Wheel diameters (new)1.150 mm
Weight86 t
Voltage systemsAC 15 kV 16.7 Hz
AC 25 kV 50 Hz
Continuous rating6.400 kW
Power factornear 1, regulated
Maximum speed230 km/h
Starting tractive effort300 kN
Continuous tractive effort250 kN at 92,2km/h
Maximum brake power at wheel rim150 kN (variabel)
Build from2000-2004