Siemens – Vectron

The development of the Vectron multi-system locomotive is based on the experience gained from the successful EuroSprinter and Euro- Runner. Well-engineered, proven technology is combined with flexibility and modularity.

The Vectron locomotive is designed for multiple transport and challenges prevailing on today’s market. Vectron is an efficient and cost-effective solution for national and cross-border transport, in both freight, regional, and passenger traffic. MRCE’s locomotive is the AC high power (6.4 MW) version which can operate in Germany, Austria and partially also in Hungary (equipped with ETCS). Vectron’s development is based on a large number of interviews with operators and on the experience of over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners in service. The result combines proven strengths with future-oriented strategies and innovations.

Vectron combines highly developed technology with adaptability. Modular retrofitting capability with forward- looking cross-border operability. Groundbreaking investment protection with tailored service packages. With Vectron you are free to take the paths you choose to ensure a successful future for your freight and passenger traffic.

Technical data 
Wheel arrangementBo`Bo`
Track gauge1.435 mm
Length over buffers18.980 mm
Distance between bogie centers9.500 mm
Width3.012 mm
Wheel diameters (new)1.250 mm
Weight87 t
Voltage systemsAC 15 kV 16.7 Hz
AC 25 kV 50 Hz
Max.rated power at wheel6.400 kW
Maximum speed200 km/h
Starting tractive effort300 kN
Continuous tractive effort250 kN
Maximum brake power at wheel rim150 kN
Build from2013 - 2016