Our service level makes the difference in locomotive leasing

Step-by-step we put together your ideal leasing deal, to provide a tailor-made and full-service package. Click on each layer to learn about your advantage!

Locomotive leasing

All our locomotives are delivered in a pre-checked condition “fit for purpose” and ready for serving your business:

  • Flexible leasing
  • Operational lease = off your balance sheet
  • Ready to operate

Availability & Reliability

Provides you tailor-made full-service from a solid partner. To keep your transport business, for cargo as well as passengers, available and reliable on track.

  • Preventive maintenance
    Predictive planning and punctual completion of maintenance works
  • Corrective maintenance
    Repair and problem solving, increasing the operational availability
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
    Available for you on the phone round the clock when an issue arises
  • Spare part & component management
    Highest availability of all spare parts and components pan European, centrally controlled provisioning
  • Vehicle upgrades
    Configuration / upgrades according to country or request specific packages and upgrades with technical updates on the basis of the future development of the European rail network

Mobile Technician Services

Our technicians can provide you with flexible services wherever you need to support your fleet’s availability.

  • Top qualified and licensed technicians with more than 20 years of experience who work in compliance with ECM regulations
  • Choose your service from basic maintenances to full-service solutions including spare part services
  • Define the location freely whether in your workshop or anywhere in Europe

Your locomotives on track

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MRCE 2nd hand parts

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Support and training

As your partner, we make sure that our support is up-to-speed. We do this by training and further qualification of the technical staff, but also training and support for your locomotive drivers.


To facilitate your business we can offer you an insurance package out of an All Risks Machinery Breakdown Insurance and a Rental Loss Coverage Insurance.

The All Risks Machinery Breakdown Insurance is a machinery and hull insurance for the locomotive with a self- deductible of maximum EUR 10.000,00.

The Rental Loss Coverage Insurance is an accident lease rental insurance for the locomotive covering up to 6 months.

Full service

These elements make sure that we provide you with the traction guarantee needed to do the best job.


Changing and flexible logistical challenges ask for special solutions to fulfill needs. We are not afraid of challenges to make sure our lease plan fits you perfectly.

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