A major challenge

Climate change is the biggest threat for the planet, the human race and all business entities. The consequences such as melting polar caps and rising water levels, the growing scarcity of food, drinking water and natural resources pose alarming social and environmental challenges. If we do not act now and tackle climate change, it can lead to lasting and devastating impacts on our society and economy as we know it today.

Change is needed

In order to combat climate change, scientists and governments alike agree that action must be taken and we must convert to a low-carbon and climate-resilient future. Governments committed to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and to reach climate neutrality in the Paris Climate Agreement of the UN.

The European Union decided to act in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and aims to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. To reduce emissions and to pursue carbon neutrality, we must invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies.

According to Eurostat, the second biggest source for greenhouse gas emissions is the transportation sector. This means that the railway industry plays a major role in paving the way towards a low-carbon and zero-emission economy. What about MRCE? What are we doing to prevent climate change?

Black cover with a green core – our approach to climate action

As a provider for full-service leasing of locomotives, we can play a role by providing green, state-of-the-art locomotives to our partners, sharing knowledge and using our influence. To decrease greenhouse gas emissions and to contribute towards a better environment, we committed to taking up the challenge of sustainable mobility. Over the years, we have dis-invested in polluting diesel locomotives and invested in green, all-electric locomotives and run now a 100 percent electric fleet. We have decided to redesign our portfolio as electric trains reduce carbon emissions by up to 50 percent compared to Diesel locomotives; they are run entirely by an internal electric engine and therefore do not emit direct carbon emissions.

Together we are stronger

Transformation cannot be done alone. We bring the vision of Mitsui & Co. to “build brighter futures, everywhere” into action by sourcing locomotives from Siemens and Bombardier who embrace innovation and are also committed to lead sustainable mobility forward. To further support this vision, we actively engage with clients, business partners and other stakeholders. Moreover, we collaborate in supply chains plus at industry level to take action and bring green technologies on the tracks.

We take part in international activities such as the Global Compact and EcoVadis, proactively implement these principles into our operation and request our business partners (especially suppliers) to apply these principles on their part.

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